While Dell does not publish ruggedness benchmarks in its specifications, the ATG is third-party tested and certified for durability and reliability according to the MIL-STD F for vibration, shock, spill, dust, humidity and altitude. Email Name Comment Firstname. This integration provides incredible visual quality, faster graphics performance and flexible display options. The rubber plug to the right of the optical drive in the media bay covers two additional USB ports. Even after wiping the keyboard down and letting it drain for four hours, the ATG D continued to shut itself down and wouldn’t start Windows until three days later. Magnesium alloy case and LCD back; scratch-resistant paint. Turn around and have the display face the sun, and things are different.

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Atb picture below atg d630 an actual, undoctored image of the Dell’s screen in bright sunlight, taken with a 10 megapixel Pentax dSLR camera click on it for a large version. The computer on the left is an old Toshiba Portege Tablet PC that has a matte surface but is not outdoor-viewable.

The atg d630 Dell screen looks like it would reflect everything, but actually reflects much less.

So the extra toughness does not add much size or bulk, if any. Special daylight readability treatment Boosting screen brightness helps, but even the brightest backlight in a portable computer is no match for the sun, and extra-strong backlighting also atg d630 battery life.

Dell Latitude ATG D630

And, as atg d630 become more and more part of the overall work experience of millions, that is a rapidly growing market. One problem compared with a matte-surface display is that your brain tends to fill in attg missing detail when it sees a faint mirror-like reflection whereas atg d630 matte reflection is just processed as a shadow.

The first thing I noticed was that the ATG has one of those glossy screens atg d630 a mirror-like surface that, inexplicably to me, virtually all new consumer notebooks atg d630 have.

Else, it’s like using a somewhat beefed-up Latitude notebook. The rubber plug ayg the right of the optical drive in the media bay covers two additional USB ports.

It atg d630 back quickly, but after we poured the atg d630 two ounces of water, the system shut down completely. It features a shock-mounted, removable hard drive, a shock-mounted LCD screen, a dust and spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and more.

Standard LCDs simply wash out and that is not acceptable in a rugged notebook that may see a lot of outdoor duty. What makes atg d630 “all terrain grade”? And the base atg d630 does not even come with the shockmounted hard drive. As explained above, the ATG’s outdoor-readable display is, in theory, better than any other.

Cost matters, and between that, the terrific display, and Dell’s name, service and technology, the ATG is the answer for atg d630 who need a machine that is more durable than a standard notebook and can be used outdoors. Does the theoretical assessment hold up in real life? Also available is a secondary 48 watt-hour Lithium-Polymer battery that goes into the media bay.

However, there is a lot of contrast and you can most definitely do whatever work needs to be done without squinting.

Rugged PC – Rugged Notebooks: Dell Latitude ATG D

Atg d630 after wiping the keyboard down and letting it drain for four hours, the ATG D continued to shut itself down and wouldn’t start Atg d630 wtg three days later. Additionally, atg d630 lack of moving parts means it’s much less susceptible than a traditional hard drive to failure due to sudden shock. The computer is facing the sun.

It’s a fairly compact notebook with a Indoors, things are different, of course. The top picture has the display facing towards the sun, but at an angle so there atg d630 no direct reflection. However, average sunlight is about 10, nits, and so even a super-bright display is not enough. But there is no arguing with Dell’s approach. Another question is where the sweet spot lies for a company as large as Dell.

Atg d630 Design Atgg addition to being rugged and durable, the Latitude ATG is designed for great usability in a variety of difficult work environments. For years the focus was on anti-glare coatings that minimized reflections.

Turn around and have atg d630 display face the sun, and things are different. The display atg d630 very bright, and as crisp and clear as we’ve come to expect from a modern notebook. As is, the ATG has formidable performance specs and a superb outdoor-viewable f630, but whether that is enough to sway customers to go with Dell instead of one of the incumbents in the rugged market is hard to say.

However, it is very readable and very crisp and sharp.