The lightweight design and full-grip trigger provide comfortable point firing. This tool can fire points into the side of the lower frame, where a screw can be put through it into the upper frame. The nosepiece is designed to allow Flexi-Point insertion almost horizontally. Do you already have an account? Cassese Fleximaster Point drivers are pretty simple, but they are essential to most framing jobs.

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Framers Equipment – Guns & Flexi Points

Tletcher in or Sign up. The gun action is reliable, firing the point free of the gun and imbedding it into the rabbet at a slight upward angle fletcher pneumatic framemaster point the point exerts downward pressure fletcher pneumatic framemaster point the back of the stack, insuring a tight fit.

You may find the server down for up to two minutes at that time. This makes it ideal for big fletcber, mirrors, or poster frames. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Lfetcher the handle brings clamping pressure to bear on the brads or points, forcing them into the wood. A special feature of the MultiPoint is that it can be used to join two fletcher pneumatic framemaster point together when flstcher shadowboxes.

Its nose plate quickly loosens to clear fletcher pneumatic framemaster point and it has a rubberized hand grip and safety catch on the operating trigger. An easy-to-load magazine accommodates flexible or hard Cassese points. Share This Page Tweet. The magazine takes strips of up to flexi points. If one of the hard points ever breaks I am happy to fire another one in at no charge to the customer.

Its user-friendly, pressure-setting knob lets you determine framemasterr exact penetration depth in any wood, and fletcher pneumatic framemaster point magazine holds points.

The Picture Framers Grumble. I like the hard tabs shot by the red gun and the price is a huge selling point for both the guns and the tabs which are available in flex or hard. Their major purpose is to hold contents tightly inside the frame. Updated and reprinted from the Picture Framing Magazine library of articles. Logan The Logan F Dual Drive Fletcher pneumatic framemaster point works like a common staple gun, driving either rigid or flexible inserts into the rabbet of wood frames to properly secure the glass, artwork, and backing material into the frame.

The Fletcher FrameMate is for more delicate jobs, when finesse is more important than sheer strength. I am working on setting up an air filter and regular as discussed on another thread and will knock the line down to the recommended fletcher pneumatic framemaster point psi. This tool uses points F53, F54, F55, and F The lightweight design and full-grip trigger provide comfortable point firing.

Larry PetersonDec 29, When I switched to pneumatic I started with some “off brand,” but switched to Fletcher’s and haven’t had a problem since. The Cassese CS 6. This tool is lightweight and can be loaded quickly without change fletcher pneumatic framemaster point work position.

Knowing which point driver is right for you can save time and money.

Fletcher Pneumatic FrameMaster Gun

This tab gun accommodates both flexi-points and rigid points, allowing a framer to use one tool for both applications. The ergonomically designed trigger eliminates hand fatigue.

fletcher pneumatic framemaster point The Pneumatic Framers Point Tool has a special nose plate attached to ensure that tabs are not driven completely into framing materials, which means the tabs are kept extended about 50 percent above flecther installed surface.

Larry PetersonJan 2, This site uses cookies. This tool is also economical as one 25mm flexpoint can easily replace four regular 15mm flexpoints. The nosepiece has rollers to enable smooth and quick movement over the back of frame.

Fletcher Point Driver: Crafts | eBay

An improved comfort grip and and easy pull action makes the Dual Drive Elite better than ever as the must-have tool for any shop. Its Quick Slide feature allows for pnumatic two sides.

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