Sounds like a clunker, huh? Apple rates the iPod shuffle’s battery life at a modest 10 hours, which is pretty accurate: Interestingly enough, normal headphones can still be used to listen to music. The first music player that talks to you. The Plus and the Minus buttons adjust the volume, and the unlabeled button in between them controls everything else.

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There’s nothing French about Bernard Herrman’s “Psycho Suite,” but it was nonetheless endearing to hear it announced in a feminine French accent. This serves to transmit the the LED status light to the ipod shuffle 3rd generation of the iPod. I came especially to ask this question. The ipod shuffle 3rd generation classic GB Late is a hard drive-based iPod featuring a large, widescreen color display, a Click Wheel, and the capability of displaying photos and videos. Sometimes, the voice gets it wrong, but it’s still amusing: Tools Featured in this Teardown Buy these tools.

Black plastic exterior, red Click Wheel, signatures of the U2 band members engraved on the back, and “iPod Special Edition U2” engraved on the back.

If pictures aren’t easy to do, I’d like to know if there is an IC back there, or just a couple of resistors. One click of the central button plays or pauses, two clicks skips forward, three clicks skips backward either to the beginning of the current song or to the previous tune, depending how far along in the song you are.

Full Apple Product Coverage https: When music is paused, you can still skip songs and hold down the button to hear the robotic voice tell you what’s next. PCMag reviews ipod shuffle 3rd generation independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

Apple Earphones with Remote Capacity: When ipod shuffle 3rd generation hear the name of the one you want, click the center button ipod shuffle 3rd generation to start listening; if you want to skip through the names of the playlists more quickly, use the Volume Up button.

To repair your iPod shuffle 3rd Generation, use our service manual. Cons Controls built into low-quality earphones.

Apple – Support – Manuals

The earphone jack sits right next to the switch, and a shiny metallic shirt clip branded with the Apple logo runs along the shufflf of the back panel. Sorry for the double post. We slide the iPod tool across the length of the gap to dislodge ipod shuffle 3rd generation left side of the rear cover.

Controls built into low-quality earphones. Revamped, more compact design.

Identify your iPod model

generatiob A lot of people are really interested to know this. Neither player, however, is meticulously designed by Apple or can be synched with your iTunes library, and for some, this merits the extra cost.

We begin by inserting a metal spudger into a crevice between the rear cover and the rest ipod shuffle 3rd generation the shuffle.

Identify your iPod model Find out which iPod model you have by its model number and other details. View All 11 Photos in Gallery. I got a kick out of it, but shuflfe it happens to ipod shuffle 3rd generation you, go to the Get Info menu for the affected songs in iTunes and switch the VoiceOver option to English.

iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation | eBay

The playback controls are absent from the player itself they’re relegated to the earbud cord and in true shuffle fashion, there’s still no screen or FM radio. Thanks – please tell us how to help you better. I’m willing to bet most people would sacrifice a bit of the frame of the shuffle for a screen or ipod shuffle 3rd generation radio.

We’ll post updates on twitter about interesting things that we discover as we go. For the First Look we had two of three. A bit of a tempest in a teapot, eh? This teardown is not a repair ipod shuffle 3rd generation. Apple reps assured me that several third-party manufacturers, such as Etymotic Research, will be creating earphones with integrated shuffle controls, as well as adapters soon, but it’s unclear exactly when.

The capacity of the drive is engraved on the front USB connector. We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment.