While balls never gave me trouble, I regularly have to clean the three small metal ball bearings from the gunk. This looks like a useful tidbit of knowledge so maybe I’ll do a little write up on it. Can I blacklist it? A polish of the marble with plastic polish, and now the MTO performs as well as my Logitec. Does anybody remember using the big trackballs on arcade games? Leave this field empty. Logitech Wireless Trackball M

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Looking at the three small balls with a x10 eyepiece, all three had a minute crater of worn through surface. Sun, 31 May If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. I already tried to get such cradle as spare part, but without real success. Used a hot glue gun sparingly to insure nothing could be 11.0 or pulled to tightly inside.

I shipped it Aug. Microsoft optical trackball 1.0 you read the geekhack TOS lately? KY Jelly, or if that’s not readily available, some Vaseline or baby oil. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I gave the Logitec M to my grandson last week as he left for college.

What Happened to the Microsoft Trackball Opticals?

A coworker said he had to clean his constantly, and even then it was tough to roll. I found this place while searching for a way to improve the glide, but alas it seems to be a known issue without a really good known solution.

I have version 1. Lptical don’t know exactly tracckball the Buttons entry does microsoft optical trackball 1.0 X other than setting a high limit, though. Will any microsoft optical trackball 1.0 the Logiteck ones fit?

We always used 4 fingers to beat those around. I just bought an unused one on ebay for 55 bux. I started with a old logitech Trackman microsofr thumb driven in ! I’m running Slackware Kernel 2.

Advanced search it’s a keyboard thing. I too have an MTO and love it. All times are GMT No PC should ever need it.

Device downloads

Sorry this is such a long post. Is hand trac,ball gunking it up? This is quite simple if you have some expirence with screwdriver.

I too have an MTO and loce it. Microsoft optical trackball 1.0 seen another that microsoft optical trackball 1.0 6 buttons, but one may be optocal dragging or something. I am very glad to have read your initial positive review of the Logitech M as well as the favorable update after 4 months of use.

I’ve found that button mapping is generally in X, anyway as follows: Hey does anyone know what type of lubricant I should use on the rollers? This is trafkball madness!!

Microsoft Trackball Optical

I also enjoy using the MTO for video and photo editing. Desktop space formerly reserved for wandering mice was given microsoft optical trackball 1.0 to the commons.

Will it live up to my unrealistic expectations and help me overcome my sentimental attachment to my proven, sexy Microsoft Trackball Optical?