Put the card in my socket AM3 computer. Blocks the BIOS completely, again can’t find a way to skip the option rom. Well, at least with the RAID bios. Don’t know what happened. I’ve both and cards, both ‘high quality’ flashable bios one and in both case I can’t get to use a sata cd rom to boot cd and that’s one thing probably cause they weren’t mean for a cd drive or maybe is the vp3 board too much old for this.

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I got flashrom, could you please tell me how to use it?


YouTubeFacebookWebsite. Read speeds are fine! Last edited by carangil on Though, lots of things things fail for no reason on stuff this old and wonky I think booting off CF will be my configuratuon.

Windows silicon image 3512 recognizes the INF, and uses it to give a name to the controller Instead of the question mark icon, it silicon image 3512 it a scsi controller, assigns interrupt and IO space, but then also says ‘no driver files are needed or installed’ ,and it still insists the ‘D’ drive is in DOS compatibility mode. What chip is silicon image 3512 yours? I don’t know Omage there is a such a difference between read and write speed, since read must also drop down into DOS; maybe when writing it does an extra step like flush some hardware buffer or something.

The manual page on i,age site doesn’t seem to work. I moved the cards around a bit to mess with layout in the case.

I think I just need to tell it the correct programmer type. But, yeah I don’t think you’ll be able to flash that rom. I had problems with trying to use flashrom in linux. I haven’t tried booting since reflashing to IDE, silicon image 3512 I don’t imagf why it wouldn’t work. silicon image 3512

Silicon Image SiI SATALink Controller – Software Patch

I highly silicon image 3512 Lettuce gives a fuck about Silicon Image now. Win98 only kind-of likes it. I hope imge Rom just has ‘instructions’ for the PC, but all the pci bus stuff is baked in hardware. Don’t know what happened.

2 Port SATA I PCI Software RAID Card

Sure it will work with a Sil ? Lattice took them over, and their ‘Silicon Silicon image 3512 file archive’ seems very incomplete: You figured out the right parameters on your own. Probably something about going into compatibility mode.

Return to General Old Hardware. Blocks the BIOS completely, again can’t find a way to skip the option rom. I will attempt to use linux imabe to program the card. Later in this thread I have the necessary files attached. It doesn’t lock up, just won’t flash. Silicon image 3512 DOS likes it. I can swap CF cards quite easily, and the whole real point of the sata ssd was 1 to see if it would work and 2 no more spinning PATA drives to fail. Silicon image 3512 chip, but slightly different layout and some jumpers: I tested the download links, and they seem good, so we will see what happens!.

Any help would be appreciated: When rebooting, where the option rom would usually run the computer hangs. Put card silicon image 3512 my socket computer. Users browsing this forum: I found links to files that ‘work great’ on win98 on a couple forums Even one on this one!

I will report back.