My only gripe are the drivers but its a half gripe. I actually have a Juno 6 and a Rode K2 that I keep plugged into the device. Well, the Tascam is a little larger than the Alesis, which could be a good or bad thing! I am not extremely dynamic in my vocals but at my normal level their is enough headroom for me to never distort even at max gain settings. First thing to compare: Taking a look at the build , there is really only one winner here for me. They both come with Cubase LE4, which is a thoroughly decent program!

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Well, the Tascam is a little larger than the Alesis, which could be tazcam good or bad thing! The Tascam USMkII even offers zero-latency features for recording without the delay of sending signals to a computer and back: Tascam us-122 mkii recently reviewing the Alesis IO2, I had something in a similar price range to make comparisons to, and if you have read my Alesis IO2 reviewyou tascam us-122 mkii know how much I rate it!

Tascam USMKII – USB Computer Audio Interface USMKII

Tascam us-122 mkii tracked strings with this device. Tawcam mixing is included to create the perfect master. I’m going to have to call this one a draw, and give them a point apiece!

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I have had the Tascam USmkII for a year tascam us-122 mkii a half now and its quite the stand tascam us-122 mkii unit for beginners. Seeing how all I had was a small budget and a dream, I couldn’t really aim for the overly expensive gear.

On a budget at the time, I bought a roland interface instead and it was worlds better. Tascam us-122 mkii items are excluded from our money back guarantee, including: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Personally, I have yet to be disappointed with the capabilities of this device. If you decide an equipment item is not suitable within 10 days of delivery, you can return it to us for a replacement or refund. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist.


Whether you’re getting started with computer recording or adding a portable interface to your road rig, the Tascam USmkII is the affordable choice for professional results. Us–122 Tascam us-122 mkii would tascam us-122 mkii advise you not tu buy anything for Tascam because tascaj the next few years you may end up with non-usable product after OS upgrade This is a very integral part of my studio and is used daily.

I most certainly do! First thing to compare: Or will the Alesis IO2 kill things off in the dying moments?

But this does give you a lot more space to work in, so it’s really down to personal preference. Another feature of the USmkII is that is overrated, especially for the musician on a budget, is the Tascam us-122 mkii Mix feature.

You can edit your tracks to perfection using a variety of modes and tools. The USmkII has a lot of pros but uw-122 only con is that you can’t really plug in multiple instances of outboard gear. From forgetting to turn on my laptops sound cards in audio devices before unplugging the tascam if tascam us-122 mkii turned on, or by accidently tascam us-122 mkii my computers sound cards in ableton when their turned off, or at times by any rapid pluggin in and unpluggin of the sound card while their in use.

Tascam support couldn’t be reached. Absolute tag cloud ableton audio interface avid daw focusrite guitar interface ipad Korg microphone musikmesse namm namm Native Tascam us-122 mkii Novation review roland se electronics synth tc electronic.

The Windows drivers are so bad that the soundcard is almost unuseable! The final category I am going to judge on is ‘ connections ‘, and it’s getting tascam us-122 mkii There’s also a pair of balanced line inputs and a guitar-level input for direct recording of electric guitar or bass.

Features As good as it gets in this price range: If you wanted to record 2 guitar signals, it is still possible with the Tascam USMkIIbut will just have to be done in two separate recordings. At first it was significantly worse and would bluescreen tascam us-122 mkii just being plugged in for mkiii long period of time.